Glitterbels Odourless Monomer 500ml

Glitterbels Odourless Monomer 500ml

  • £45.00

This monomer is perfect to use will all Glitterbels products.

This is an odourless product, however it has a slight smell but not of usual monomers.

Odourless monomer is Blue in colour.

Please Note: Odourless Monomer takes a lot longer to set that other monomers.

See instructions below for further info.

The steps are as follows:

Apply your clear acrylic base to all nails/ tips
Apply your chosen colour/colours to all nails
Apply clear acrylic
Soak nails in warm water bowl for 60 secs (this helps to remove the tacky layer) and cure for a full 60 Secs
Allow to Dry
File as desired - You will file a tacky layer off, it should file away without removing your colour/design underneath
Cleanse and TopCoat

The most essential thing for using any Odourless Monomer is patience as any brand of odourless monomer has slow setting times. 

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