Foil Hologram pattern 1

Foil Hologram pattern 1

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Application suggestion. Ensure nails are clean and oil free. Apply a thin coat of basecoat and allow to dry, apply an even coat of foil adhesive to the whole nail, the adhesive will look white at this stage, leave for a couple of minutes until the adhesive becomes transparent and tacky, lay the foil on the nail silver side down with the design face-up, rub with a cotton bud or lint-free pad gently pressing the foil into the sides and over the edge of the nail.

Lift the foil and peel off the nail to reveal the design. 

If there are any areas where the foil has not adhered, apply a tiny amount over this area and repeat.

To finish protect with two coats of clear nail polish or nail art sealer. 

Alternatively to create a different look – Paint your nails with your favourite nail polish allow to dry, apply dots of foil adhesive on top of the nail polish, wait until the adhesive goes transparent and tacky, then press the foil onto the nail and remove to reveal the design.

Protect with two coats of clear nail polish or nail art sealer.

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