Professional UV Nail Lamp 80W - Crystal & White

  • £55.99

Just how much do you and your clients love Bling ?? This is a showstopper !

Product Description

Professional Nail Lamp: perfectly designed to fast cure UV gel, builder, LED gel, nail polish gels. Fast drying gel both on the fingernails and the toenails - removable base plate.
Embedded with 24 bright white led which give out even light and beautiful beam; support drying 5 fingers at the same time, time-saving and efficient

High Sensitivity of Infrared Induction: the infrared sensor is built in the inner wall so that it can effectively avoid the stoppage of the infrared sensor due to the refraction of light ray of sunlight or fluorescent tube

Double Light Sources: each led adopts two light sources( 365 + 405nm), uniform beam, balanced distribution

Auto Power Off: this item will automatically cut off the power to save electricity and auto-activates on detection

Heat Dissipation: the cooling fan under the air vents for heat dissipation thus extending its service life to a large extent

Cure All Gels:

  • UV/LED/Builder
  • 365nm Wavelength Cure UV Gels, Builders
  • 405nm Wavelength Cure LED Gels


  • Size: App 220*180*90mm
  • Voltage: 100~240V
  • Power:80W
  • Weight: 75g
  • Using 24pcs 2w UV Blubs, 
  • Wavelength of higest peak=405nm (This wavelength is visible light, and harmless to eyes, but supposed not to stare at the bulb for a long time.)

Colour : Crystal ! Crystal ! Crystal ! with White removal base

Wipe clean with a  gentle damp cloth.

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